3L1T3 Golf Club

Home of the

THE simple, convenient, global golf league w/ local hubs and events. ⛳

Collect points throughout the SZN to win the EGA Tour Cup! 🏆


Not your father’s golf league.

  • No weekly commitments – play on your time
  • Join alongside your current league
  • Compete in local events and matches – Win Tour Cup or City Cup
  • Build a 4-person Challenge Series team with your friends

How to Win 🏆

3 ways to earn points –

  1. Play Golf –  25 points for every round you submit, wherever and whenever you want to play
  2. Get Better – +/- 250 points for every stroke your handicap improves or degrades
  3. Win Matches & Events – 100-1,000 points for winning matches & events

Prizes awarded for Tour Cup Champions, City Cup Champions and podium winners  💰

Regardless of EGA Tour Rankings, all players earn prizes through the Player Impact Program 🏌🏿‍♀️

Personal and community growth, through golf.

A variety of events and formats:

  • SZN-long EGA Matchplay Tournament
  • Detroit Youth Classic 2-Day Major Event to Grow the Game
  • “Crown Course” Stroke Play Majors
  • Social Scrambles
  • All Star-Break (3-Club Challenge, Par-3 Shoot-out, Stableford)
  • Unlimited Match Play Opportunities
    • 1 SZN-long Rival
    • 3 Spring Matches in your EGA Matchplay Tournament group + Playoff Matches
    • Unlimited Challenge Series matches against whomever you want

For people just looking to socialize

and make new friends!

  • 3L1T3 Community Membership
  • Official USGA Handicap Index
  • Worldwide Challenge Series – Team Competition

For Golfers of any Skill Level

In addition to other tiers –

  • EGA Tour Cup – Individual Competition
  • 3L1T3 City Cups – Local Competition
  • Coastal Cup Qualifier

For Top Tier Tour Players

In addition to other tiers –

  • Upgraded Apparel Package
  • 3L1T3 Golf Trip Priority
  • 3L1T3 Fitness Golf Training Program

Host an Event in your City!

Local Rankings for Local Events & City Cup Championships

  Thank you for supporting The Detroit Youth Classic!