Challenge Series


3L1T3 Worldwide Challenge Series

Play for the Team, and the Tour Cup! 🏆

Join the Tour –

The Challenge Series is a global, flexible, open golf competition that includes both team AND individual rankings.

Joining this league brings you more time with your friends, provides a great way to meet new friends and improves your golf game.

Earn points for playing more, improving your game, and, of course, winning.

Start Now!

Building Your Team –

  1. Create a 4-some with your friends
  2. Choose a Team Name 
  3. Play Your Matches &  Submit your Scores

How to Earn Points –

  1. Record Rounds Played – 25 pts / 18 holes
  2. Improve Your Game –  ± 250 pts / stroke
  3. Win Golf Matches & Events – 100-1,000 pts / win

Your team score is equal to the sum of all the individual scores.

Match Types –

  1. Defeat Your Season Rival in a majority of matches throughout the year  – 1,000 pts / series win
  2. Play Tournament Matches starting with 1 against each of your 3 teammates – 500 pts / win
  3. Find Extra Matches against anyone (once per person) 100 pts / win

SZN-long Rankings –

  • EGA Tour Cup 🏆- Worldwide Individual
  • Challenge Series Team Cup 🏆 – Worldwide Team
  • 3L1T3 City Cups 🏆 – Local Individual

Challenge Series Teams –

Team LogoTeam NameTeam Captain
The Hot DoggerzAndrew Alexander
EGA GoatsBill George
The Rose BudzKyle Flowers
Country ClubbersWill Bass
South Side HackersAdam Hackett
No Gimmie PuttsMike Hoover
Slap ShotsAlex Gregorich
West Michigan Worm BurnersMatt Dijak
Four SkinsNick Ludka
The RingersDeAngelo Barrow