Social Member – 3L1T3 Golf Club


Ready to Golf, but not quite ready for the EGA Tour?

You’re a perfect fit for the 3L1T3 Golf Club Social Membership!

  • Access to All 3L1T3 Golf Events

  • Official USGA Handicap INDEX

  • Special Edition & Custom Apparel



The golf league that is as little or as much as you want it to be.


Social Membership includes –

  1. 3L1T3 Community Membership

  2. Custom 3L1T3 Golf Apparel + SZN IV Tee

  3. Access to All 3L1T3 Golf Events

  4. Official USGA Handicap Index

  5. Worldwide Challenge Series Entry

    • Earn team points by playing, improving and winning matches.

AND as ALWAYS, a portion of your purchase goes towards the Detroit Youth Classic!


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